In Kid Power's VeggieTime program, students connect academic lessons on environmental science, food and nutrition, and sustainable agriculture to hands-on gardening and cooking classes.

Last week, I had the pleasure of watching students from Tubman Elementary School and Barnard Elementary School engage in friendly competition as they


as they learned to make guacamole.  In just one hour, I witnessed how smart and talented Kid Power students truly are as they read a lesson about the nutrients in guacamole and then prepared their own.

The two schools split into teams and competed in making guacamole with their high school mentors at Sidwell Friends School.  They were given a variety of ingredients and had to try to create their own recipe. 


While working on the recipes, the students learned about the health benefits of avocados, which contain a lot of vitamin A and K. 

“[Vitamin] K helps when you get cut.  It clots the blood so you won’t bleed too much,” said Taina from Tubman Elementary.  “[Vitamin] A gets your immune system stronger.”

“[Vitamin] A helps your eyesight too!” added Ariona, another student from Tubman on Taina’s team.

The students created a variety of guacamole.  Some hadmore cilantro, while others were sweetened with pineapple. 


Unfortunately the students ate their creations before the judges had a chance to get around and try all the recipes, but from the few 

I tasted, they did a great job!  Kid Power students displayed such amazing teamwork by carefully weighing and debating the quantities of each ingredient.  It was obvious that everyone was a winner in the guacamole challenge!

DSCN0581.JPG It will be exciting when the weather gets warmer and the students will use fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables from their own gardens to prepare healthy  meals!  I can't wait to see what types of delicious and healthy meals they prepare! 


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