By Shannon Dragsbaek

Recently, we had the great opportunity to work with Lab DC, a local dance studio that specializes in break dancing. They taught classes to the Kid Power students at Chavez Prep and Prospect Learning Center, showing them a few basic moves of break dancing like the hop-step and six-step.

“The last move he showed us was the baby freeze. You had to stand on your head. It was a good workout” said Braniya, a sixth grader at Prospect.


Antonio, a staff member from The Lab DC, taught students while utilizing a similar method to the classes they lead at the studio. They teach the newest moves in a constantly changing dance style and provide a great workout, while also promoting creativity and self-expression. Even our Program Director Grant Elliot joined in the fun!


“I love it. Breakdancing is a hard dance but if you master it you will be a break dance machine” said Nathaniel, an excited student at Prospect. The students had a lot of fun learning the moves and getting in a good workout! Thanks to The Lab DC for helping engage our youth!

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