By Shannon Dragsbaek

Kid Power encourages students to live healthy lifestyles.  Our VeggieTime program provides youth with good eating habits and promotes nutritional learning through gardening and cooking lessons.  But that isn't the only way to stay healthy.  Kid Power students stay fit by being active!



This past week, I visited a few schools and got to witness them in action playing basketball and soccer. Jefferson Middle School students had the courts all to themselves since the school’s team was away preparing for a tournament. The students shared the few balls they had and managed to get in some great shots.

Chavez Prep students took advantage of the nice weather outside and played some soccer in the parking lot. They quickly split into teams and started the game and only stopped when it got too dark to keep playing.


“To get good, you have to practice a lot,” said Gio.


The students at both schools communicated well and shared with each other while playing games, and they had so much fun getting great exercise and being active!

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