By Shannon Dragsbaek

The Georgetown Day School Upper School’s high school students work with Kid Power to help teach our students about citizenship and art. I went to Amidon-Bowen Elementary School's weekly art class the other day to see what they were up to. The students had been working on the same project for a few sessions now and so some of them were finishing up, so I got to see some really exciting and colorful art! The assignment stemmed from this picture:



Before they started, the students learned about the greyscale and how to take a color and create tints (adding white) and hues (adding black). They then made their own versions of the project with canvas boards and foam board. First, they created their own greyscale background, like the one showed above.




Then they got to create their own fun squiggly shapes out of foam board, which the GDS high school volunteers patiently cut out for them. Some were a little bit trickier than others!


“I hate the cutting part, it takes so long” said Jennifer, who designed some particularly tricky shapes for her design. Next they were given all the colors of the rainbow and got to paint their shapes before putting them on the board.


“I like getting to paint and do activities, but I’m a slow painter!” said Trenton, who was one of the last people to down his brush, sneakily trying to get just one more piece done, and ending up painting three. Others, like Nia, finished up a little quicker.




Some of the students got all of their pieces done during the time and worked on the layout of their pieces to get ready to glue them on next time! Tiffany kindly modeled her painted pieces for me to see the final product.




“Art is my passion” said Sasha, who told me about a lot of the other exciting projects they have gotten to do. The student have worked with clay to make ‘creature pots’, made various other paintings, worked on drawing techniques and crafted some holiday projects.

The students get access to a lot materials as well as experienced high school art students, who are eager and excited to help them. I can’t wait to see what else the students get to make at GDS.

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