By Andria Hollis


by Lakaiya (1st grader!)

When I plant in my garden,
I feel marvelous!
I feel delightful!
And, of course, I feel beautiful!

I like underground creatures.
I like worms because they are funny.
I like bees because they make honey,
and then that makes honey nut cheerios!

Carrots are orange.
Carrots are good.
Carrots are crunchy.
I love them too!

Peppers are hot.
Peppers are bright.
Peppers are so good that I will eat them all day if I could,
and you should!

Peppers are good
carrots are too,
keep them in your tummy and you will be nice and good!

Oh vegetables, oh vegetables,
you grow by the sun,
and we pick you when you are done.
Oh vegetables, oh vegetables,
I'll keep you in my life
because you are the best, the best, the best
and I can't stop eating you!

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