Position Description: The Afterschool Teacher is responsible for program implementation, classroom management, and communication with parents and teachers.


  • Passion for youth development.
  • Experience working directly with youth.
  • Good organization and professional communication skills.
  • Ability to work well both independently and in a team and meet deadlines consistently
  • Patience and a good sense of humor.
  • Adaptability & flexibility.
  • Willingness to work outdoors with youth.
  • Strong administrative skills and attention to detail.


19-21 hours per week, which includes:

  • Program Operations times vary depending on site. However, programs occur during the afterschool hours (3pm-6pm, Monday-Friday) 15-16 hours per week
  • Weekly Meeting at 12pm at the Program Office in Chinatown, 1-2 hours per week
  • Admin work (Reports, newsletter, updating Google docs, parent meetings and calls, lesson planning), 4-5 hours per week to be done remotely


Program and Curriculum Implementation

  • Arrives to scheduled site promptly in time to set up site
  • Attends and is on time to weekly meetings
  • Studies and implements existing curriculum during after school programs
  • Helps prepare, adjust, and implement additional program curriculum and activities in accordance with DCPS and Kid Power standards
  • Communicates effectively with senior staff regarding implementation issues
  • Actively participates in all enrichment classes
  • Practices, institutionalizes, and professionalizes the language of Advancing Youth Development.

Youth Issues

  • Provides for the safety and well-being of all youth participants
  • Ensures that each student sets and tracks individual academic and behavioral goals
  • Creates and implements classroom and individual incentive program and other behavioral management systems
  • Reports all major behavioral issues to Cluster Coordinators and Assistant Program Director
  • Adheres to Kid Power behavior management system and implements consequences accordingly
  • Immediately reports any child abuse or neglect issues to the attention of the Assistant Program Director or the Program Director

Administrative Duties

  • Tracks student attendance daily
  • Completes and submits incident reports as needed
  • Completes Site Reports and other tasks by deadline each week
  • Ensures completion of all youth evaluations throughout the semester
  • Attends and is on time to each weekly meeting
  • Effectively communicates with supervisors about administrative duties

External Partners

  • Communicates daily with DCPS coordinator and teachers about student issues, homework, classroom cleanliness, meal provision, and attendance
  • Maintains professional relationship with all program partners on site and communicates with Kid Power senior staff whenever any issues arise
  • In coordination with the Program Director, explores and manages new program partnerships to improve program quality and efficiency
  • Ensures phone and in-person communication with 100% of parents in program weekly
  • Schedules and attends meetings with parents/guardians when needed regarding youth issues

Staff and Volunteer Management

  • Manages Site Associates and volunteers on site (reports issues to Cluster Coordinator and Assistant Program Director when necessary)
  • Communicates with all associates and volunteers regarding program tasks before and after program
  • Tracks and inputs volunteer hours daily

Development and Special Events

  • Attendance at occasional special events (vegetable sales, parent nights, fundraisers). These events will all be paid at the hourly rate.
  • Occasional assistance on development tasks.  


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English required

Spanish and/or French a plus

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